Staffing Solutions

They say you’re only as good as your team. And who wouldn’t want an all star team to boast of? It can be an up-hill task just managing a business, let alone sourcing such a team. That’s where we come in. It’s been a popular trend since the turn of the century for Companies to bank on staffing firms to provide skilled workforces. At Xmplarie, our 15 years experience in permanent and temp staffing makes us an ideal partner to fulfil these needs.

We aim to assist your recruiting strategy which will ultimately strike a balance between experienced staff and driven novices while maintaining an all important diversity in race, sex and age.

Our foremost agenda is-‘identifying your needs before screening, recruiting and developing a manpower solution.’

We provide Domestic & Off shore- Permanent recruitment as well as Talent lending solutions (Contract & Contract to Hire) along with Campus hiring services, Middle Management and Executive level Hiring too.

We provide Permanent staffing solutions to businesses that are looking to partner with a resourcing expert. If you’re looking to expand your team with bright and exclusive talent, you must apply a multi channel sourcing methodology. And at Xmplarie, we do just that, leaving your business with quantifiable and sustainable improvements in both, cost and quality.

Our Operations team comprises of individuals who’re trained to pro-actively seek profiles/ candidates from non traditional portals and if needed even organic search is done.

Every business, in due course, goes through a changing phase, be it internal or external, or in any level of seniority- owner, executive or novices. These changes occur owing to the economic conditions at the time and the variable regulatory environments.

Such changes always bring about new requirements on the human capital front and can be quite taxing. And the best solution, more often than not, is to opt for an interim recourse. And Contract Staffing/ Contract to Hire staffing is just that. We offer both-long-term contract staffing solutions and short-term contract staffing solutions to give you contractual skilled force at competitive pricing.

If the need of the hour for your business is experienced staff to go live on your projects, we have flexible strategies to hire skilled contract resources and convert them to your permanent staff.

Highlights of our staffing solutions:

  • Find the right people at the right time and on time
  • Pre-screening
  • Online skill assessment
  • Improve quality of hire
  • Lesser time to recruit
  • Reduced Operating cost
  • Experience in recruiting globally
  • Access to and Subscription of leading job portals like: Dice, Naukri, Monster, CareerBuilder etc.
  • Usual turnaround time is 4-5 hours for first submittal (SLA driven contract)
  • Interview scheduling and logistics
  • Closing the candidate and contract signing

IT Off-shore Recruitment's:

  • We specialize in hiring green card holders and US citizens
  • Access to large pool of security clearance consultants
  • Strong offshore recruiting engine
  • Flexible recruiting business model
  • Work as an extended part of your company
  • Work as third party to fill specific job orders